With a range of earthwork services spanning from below-grade basements to on-grade construction, Pacific States has the expertise, skills, and resources for your project. Our Field Oversight group is where the talent and experience is applied directly in the field, and where critical safety, logistical, and operational needs are met. We take pride in our ability to coordinate with shoring, ground improvement, and dewatering subcontractors on large earthwork projects ensuring success for our clients.  

Environmental Remediation 

Pacific States was founded as an Environmental Remediation contractor in 1996 and we consider this our core business. We’ve completed multiple large remediation projects under the oversight of multiple regulators including Regional Water Quality Control Board, DTSC and EPA. Our experience includes excavation and off haul, in-situ and ex-situ fixation/stabilization, water treatment, and thermal treatment. 

Wetlands Restoration 

Levees, dams, landfills, canals and water conveyance systems, bulwarks and slurry walls are just a few of the wetland restoration projects that we are capable of constructing. From the mass grading required in restoring a watershed, down to the maintenance of small drainage ditches, Pacific States has the ability to build any project, of almost any size. 

Post-Disaster Debris Removal 

Pacific States provides both private and public entities Post-disaster Debris Removal Services that allow the safest, most effective, and comprehensive support after wildfires.  Pacific States has a proven track record of mobilizing quickly with a complete array of support necessary.  We are one of California’s largest and most successful fire debris removal contractors with thousands of residential lots recently cleared. 

Materials Management

The Materials Management Group at PSEC is at the center of a hub of earthwork activity that spans the broader spectrum of all construction projects for our partners and competitors alike. Unsurpassed situational awareness of any project in the northern California region, whether or not we are the contracting entity, makes our Materials Management Group the very best resource in the entire region to ensure the most appropriate and economical solution for the recovery, recycling, management and transportation, and dispensation of soil and earthen materials.

Water Treatment

The proper handling and discharge of stormwater and groundwater from construction projects is a complex task. Pacific States has experience permitting, building and operating small and large scale temporary water treatment plants for both stormwater and groundwater with discharge to storm drains and/or local sewer districts. Contaminants of concern include suspended and dissolved solids, organic contaminants, and heavy metals. 

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