TEAM SAFETY - It's a Way of Life

Health and Safety is of paramount importance to Pacific States and is integrated into everything we do. We are committed to providing a workplace that is free from any recognized hazards.

Our organization’s safety department consists of full-time safety professionals and administrators who set the stage for safety by conducting training classes, site surveys, accident investigations, and consultations with field personnel. Our career safety professionals have academic and technical training in occupational health, industrial hygiene, and health physics. Our safety staff has technical training and specialization in areas including remediation, mass excavation, demolition, emergency response, and toxic cleanups.

The PSEC safety program is both unique and comprehensive.  In addition to CalOSHA required training, we hone our team members’ ability to independently and as a team identify hazards encountered on construction sites.  We call it Production Risk Management (PRM), a model that consists of four skills:

  1. Identify Hazards
  2. Plan to avoid Hazards
  3. Communicate the plan to others
  4. Evaluate the plan

These skills promote safe and productive work.   We believe in developing effective, measurable plans to address hazards, communicating the plans and expectations to our team members, and evaluating the effectiveness of the plan as the work progresses, so that we can achieve our goal of Zero accidents and injuries.

Our employees are instructed on how to use PRM and complete a written exercise over four days with their field leadership that sharpens their ability to independently identify hazards on the job site and develop effective plans to avoid those hazards.  The exercise is returned and checked by the Safety Department to ensure the employee understands the principles and how to apply them.

We use a variety of safety strategies in our company – daily tailgate safety meetings, training programs, safe work policies, site safety surveys, and job hazard analyses so that employees develop the skills needed to effectively employ PRM in planning and conducting work.  We believe we function best when every employee at all levels is actively engaged in using PRM.  Our goal?  Achieve zero accidents and injuries by each team member applying the Production Risk Management skills.

Our foremen and superintendents conduct interactive daily tailgate safety meetings with required crew participation.  The goal is to encourage discussion between foreman and crew and build rapport. The crew knows that they can approach the foreman to discuss an identified hazard later in the shift, setting clear expectations that one of their job requirements is to build their hazard identification skills.

Pacific States understands that safety is the single-most important aspect of the project lifecycle and that it extends to all people who come in contact with our field operations. Whether it is our employees, subcontractors, vendors, or our clients, we take extreme efforts to ensure the safety of all persons throughout the course of our work.

Our Teams are trained to identify job hazards and initiate plans to prevent them.