Water Treatment

Treasure Island Water Treatment

As Treasure Island is redeveloped thousands of feet of new underground utilities are being installed. The trenches to install these utilities are deeper than the local groundwater levels and fill with water that must be removed to allow continued installation. And because of the contamination in the soil and groundwater, this water cannot simply be pumped out of the utility trenches and discharged into the San Francisco Bay. This water must first meet strict regulatory agency treatment standards before it can be discharged. PSEC was commissioned by the project developers to set up and operate a groundwater treatment system that can handle 300 gallons of water per minute, and treat the impacted water down to standards acceptable for safe discharge into the Bay.

Facebook (Meta) Water Treatment

Throughout the redevelopment of several land parcels in Menlo Park by Facebook, Pacific States has been retained to treat and discharge millions of gallons of construction generated groundwater to the San Francisco Bay under a NPDES permit.  The extracted groundwater has been treated in a treatment system in order to insure complete removal of the contaminants. These contaminants included suspended and dissolved solids, organic contaminants and heavy metals.