Materials Management

Dumbarton Quarry Reclamation

This ongoing project in Fremont, California, involves repurposing of the former quarry to a fully permitted non-hazardous soil and fill disposal site. Over 6 million CY of soil have been placed in the former quarry pit and upon completion in 2025 the final imported quantity will be over 9 million CY. 

Santa Clara Valley Water District Soil Import

This project was the first phase of construction for an upcoming levee improvement project. This phase consisted of the import and stockpiling of approximately 100,000 CY of soil meeting strict geotechnical and environmental standards and controls. Much of the material was a blend of soils generated from a unique process developed by PSEC. The final result of the blending was a perfect mix of Clays and Sands to later be used in the construction of new USACE levees.