Environmental Remediation

Carpenter Road Landfill Mitigation

Consolidation of the Carpenter Road Landfill for the City of Modesto. Over 400,000 CY of landfill debris excavated and placed in a new consolidation cell creating a new stormwater basin. 


Clean Closure/Remediation, 6 Acre & Closed Turk Island Landfill

Pacific States removed landfill debris from a 6.3-acre site at Westport Way and Carmel Way in Union City and deposited the debris onto the adjacent Turk Island Landfill, followed by backfill of clean soil onto the site and development of a 33-unit single-family detached residential subdivision. Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc was awarded the contract for the work following a competitive bidding process. 

Tasks included but were not limited to:

  • Clearing and grubbing site; removal of trees and trash
  • Potholing to delineation the waste limits and refine excavation design
  • Excavation and temporary stockpiling of cover soil
  • Excavation and relocation of over 96,000 CY of landfill waste, including thousands of tires
  • Excavation and placement of on-site cover soil
  • Import and placement of various types of fill
  • Daily application of Hydroseal at open faces of waste for odor and vector control
  • Erosion control and hydroseeding at the completion of the job