We’re expanding our water and wastewater solutions offerings.

Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc. is expanding our water and wastewater solutions offerings by securing a REP/OEM agreement with RWL Water.  PSEC is excited to provide water and wastewater equipment solutions for capital improvement projects through RWL Water’s range of products.  The added solutions serve public, public-private, and private ventures.  Our in-house services include: value engineering, design, permitting, construction, commissioning, operation & maintenance, and funding alternatives.  As your Project Partner we have the capacity and resources to develop a project vision.

Water Solution Services we offer:
Full Scale & Mobile Water Treatment Equipment Supplier:
Potable Water Treatment Systems
Wastewater Treatment Systems
Recycled Water Treatment Systems
Contaminated Water Treatment Systems
Desalination Systems
Storage Tanks suitable for Water, Wastewater and Recycled Water
Anaerobic Digestion Tanks including most Liquid Storage Applications
BioEnergy and Wastewater Digester Treatment Systems
Aeration and Mixing Equipment
Licensed General Contractor
Construction Management
Design Value Engineering Support
Project Funding Alternatives

For further information please contact one of our team professionals:
Southern California – Karen Jedele at kjedele@pacificstates.net
or at (760) 918-0650
Northern California – Kevin Krause at kkrause@pacificstates.net
or at (925) 605-8839