Valley Fire Remediation

valleyfire_workers-webThe Valley Wildfire, the second most costly firestorm in California history, destroyed some 1600 homes and other structures, many tens of thousands of acres of forest land, and did so in a terrain that was not only steep and unforgiving, but also remote and difficult to access.  PSEC, under contract with the State of California, was the primary contractor tasked with restoring those sites to a condition that would remove any hazard to the environment and people, and doing so in an accelerated fashion.

Additionally, in recognition of the affected communities need to be involved in their own resurgence, PSEC was asked to train, administer and fund the project while utilizing as many local contractors and support personnel as possible. This required assisting contractors from the immediate area in enlarging their staffs, making them CFR 1910.120 HAZWOPER compliant, and teaching them how to institute and  apply the stringent safety requirements mandated by working in such an environment.  At the height of the project, some 600 contractors and their personnel, as well as hundreds of trucking concerns, various receiving facilities, and the massive support systems required to sustain such an operation were directed and overseen by PSEC.