San Francisco PUC’s Ashbury Heights Tank Problem Solved — PACIFIC TANK SOLUTIONS Used AQUASTORE.

San Francisco Public Utility Commission had a difficult problem to solve. They had a water tank that needed to be replaced. But the close proximity of existing buildings in addition to overhead power lines made the solution very problematic. That is until they consulted with the Pacific Tank Solutions team regarding the use of AQUASTORE. Due to the unique construction techniques, the tight jobsite conditions were no match for AQUASTORE.

Since the AQUASTORE tanks are assembled using specialize jacking equipment placed inside the tank, the space required around the outside of the tank is extremely small. Therefore the space to existing buildings and the overhead power lines were not an issue.

Problem solved – use AQUASTORE!

AQUASTORE tanks are a great choice for potable water, wastewater, recycled water, digesters, leachate and just about any other liquid storage application. Markets including municipal and industrial are all great applications making AQUASTORE the lowest cost tank to own, maintain and operate in the tank industry.