Dumbarton Quarry Reclamation

Dumbarton Quarry has ceased mining operations and is now under reclamation. As part of the reclamation Dumbarton is now accepting fill material to backfill the quarry pit for development of a recreational open space for the East Bay Regional Parks District.

This facility is not open to the public and only accepts fill that is properly sampled, tested and found within the environmental acceptance criteria of Dumbarton Quarry. Each project must go through an environmental review prior to acceptance. For additional information and pricing please contact Mr. Bryan Evans, 925-361-1426 or email Datareview@pacificstates.net

Dumbarton Quarry Standard Import Requirements (updated Jan. 2015): Download PDF>>

DTSC Clean Fill Material Advisory Sheet:  Download PDF>>

California State Water Board’s ESL Information:  Download PDF>>