Pt. Molate Remediation Project

The remediation project at IR Site Three, at the former Naval Fueling Depot at Point Molate, California, was successfully completed after a series of weather delays during the winter of 2015.  This project, which included a very technically complicated excavation, dewatering, and shoreline protection plan, was a project of note for the City of Richmond, California.  The cleanup is necessary to allow the City to  develop the valuable shoreline property in the most productive way possible, and to safeguard the people who will be utilizing the property.

ptmolate2webLarge-scale changes to the scope of work, driven primarily by the discovery of a previously unknown sheet pile wall, extended the project some 100+ days overall, and was still completed with nominal changes to the budget, or to the remediation goals.  This project, which was complicated by the adjacency of the excavation to the San Francisco Bay, required a very robust protection plan for the Bay, and included contingency plans for a sudden and unforeseen discovery of hydrocarbons during the excavation process. Free product was evident in much of the excavation footprint during construction activities, and several additional safeguards had to be implemented to ensure no release to surface waters of the State occurred. Additionally, very specific fill requirements were required, so as to ensure that the lithology profile was consistent with the engineering design were met throughout the infill process.