PSEC Secures REP/OEM Agreement with RWL Water; Water and Wastewater Equipment

PSEC has secured a REP/OEM agreement with RWL Water, a leader in sustainable water, wastewater, and reuse equipment solutions. We are excited about adding to RWL Water’s already 7,000 existing installations. With a rich history of water treatment and storage, expanding the water treatment offerings to our clients provides additional opportunities to successfully fulfill their needs.

PSEC-RWL-equipment2Municipalities, Industrial, Private and Federal market sectors will find added value in PSEC providing the equipment solutions to meet needs. Whether it is simply a mixer or packaged treatment plant to remove arsenic, benzene, nitrates, uranium, salt, iron, manganese, ammonia, methane, endocrine disruptors, or chlorides, PSEC now has access to all equipment vital for your project or operational needs.
With exclusive rights to the Southern California marketplace and contracting abilities throughout the West Coast and Pacific Basin, PSEC has the experience and capabilities to expand our product line and services to include RWL Water brands and better our service as:

Full Scale & Mobile Water Treatment Equipment Supplier:

  • • Potable Water Treatment Systems
  • • Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • • Recycled Water Treatment Systems
  • • Contaminated Water Treatment Systems
  • • Desalination Systems
  • • Water Storage Tanks
  • • BioEnergy and Wastewater Digester Systems
  • • Licensed General Contractor
  • • Construction Management
  • • Design and Value Engineering Support
  • • Project Funding Alternatives

For further information or requests, please contact:
Southern California : Karen Jedele at or at (760) 918-0650.
Northern California: Kevin Krause at or at (925) 605-8839.