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Baylands Recovery Project

After we proposed an alternative method to provide needed wetland restoration to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USF&WS), Pacific States saved several million dollars using our As-Agent contracting format, and successfully completed the restoration of subsidence-impacted wetlands at six sites in San Francisco Bay. Over a six year period, and emplacing over six million yards of material, PSEC managed the entire project including QA/QC functions, scheduling, sourcing and emplacement. A hallmark project for the USF&WS, the method designed by PSEC has been studied for use at sites throughout the country..

Client: USF&WS

Regulatory Agency: USFW&S, DFG, BAAQMD, DTSC, BCDC, ACOE

Project Duration: 5 years (ongoing)

  • Six sites for the USF&WS throughout San Francisco Bay
  • Long term in-fill projects to restore elevations (subsidence) of historical emergent wetlands and estuarine environments
  • Sites are managed by PSEC in their entirety, and involve over 5,000,000 yards of imported and placed material
  • Engineering and design incorporate 50-year look-ahead to include substantial sea-level changes anticipated for the Greater Bay Area
  • All elements of the project managed by PSEC: material selection, profiling, placement, QA/QC and adherence to regulatory and environmental protocols
  • Multi-million dollar resultant savings to the federal government: a Project of Note for USF&WS