Difficult & Unconventional Working Environments: Wetlands, Marshes, & Shorelines: Nasa Ames/Moffett Field Wetlands


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Urban Environment/Emerystation Greenway Building, Phase III Project

Urban Limited Access: Shoring & Dewatering/Facebook campus

Steep Slope & Difficult Terrain: Hazardous Waste Removal

Urban Infill, Limited Access: The Town School Parking Structure

Unstable Soils & Limited Access: 350 Mission

<<Unconventional Working Environments—Wetlands, Marshes, & Shorelines: NASA Ames / Moffett Field Wetlands 

Working on a seasonal wetland, with engineering controls to accommodate threatened and endangered species, PSEC completed this very technically demanding and close-tolerance excavation of contaminated materials on a very compressed time line. Working entirely off of marsh mats and using specialized low-ground pressure tracked trucks and vehicles, the excavation of both RCRA-classified material and other regulated wastes was completed safely and quickly under intense regulatory scrutiny..

Client: NASA Ames / Moffett Field

Regulatory Agency: DTCS

Project Duration: 5 months

  • Historical contamination of two discrete wetlands/flood basin areas
  • Removal activities in Marshy and Unstable soil
  • Close tolerance excavation with specifically defined depths
  • Working on Low Ground Pressure equipment, marsh mats and other accommodations for Unstable Soil
  • Contaminates of concern were primarily metals
  • Involved re-routing of over half of the storm system for the Moffett Airfield
  • Highly sensitive site from both environmental and security aspects
  • Very high daily soil volume/truck count
  • Endangered species mitigation efforts throughout (salt harvest mouse, clapper rail, Western pond turtle, etc.)