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A former shooting range in degraded seasonal wetlands on the San Francisco Bay required the removal of PAH and lead-impacted material, on-site soil stabilization, and the restoration of appropriate habitat, all while working in soils that were subject to liquefaction, and extremely unstable. PSEC completed the four month project on time and in the most unforgiving of working environments.

Client: City of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission and Cargill Salt

Regulatory Agency: DTSC, RQWQCB, BCDC, DFG

Project Duration: 4 months

  • Contamination on the site resulted from operation of a trap and skeet range from 1939 through 1994
  • Excavation of soft sediments, on-site stabilization
  • Super-saturated waste treatment to reduce moisture level to meet waste acceptance
  • Remedial activities for lead, antimony, arsenic, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs)
  • The project site is located in former seasonal wetlands
  • Utilization of Low Ground Pressure and other specialty equipment to operate in unstable soils