Remediation–Urban Site: Ashland Youth Center Soil Remediation Project

This urban site was spatially constrained not only by adjacent residential homes, but lay along a traffic corridor that was not conducive to the large volume of truck traffic necessary to move the material generated. PSEC worked diligently to ensure as little disruption to traffic as possible, including utilizing a complicated excavation plan that allowed access to the site by several interested parties throughout the project.

Prime Contractor: Gallagher & Burk

Location: San Lorenzo, CA

Project Duration:  6 months

  • 50,000 tons of Class II, Cal-Haz, and RCRA-Haz Soil Ex and T&D
  • Excavation and Stockpiling of 8,000 tons of Soil Contaminated with Lead, TPH, & PCBs
  • T&D of 1,800 tons of Cal-Haz Soil
  • T&D of 6,200 tons of Class II Non-Haz Soil
  • Complicated Traffic Control
  • Installation and Maintenance of Temporary Erosion Control Measures
  • Preparation of DTSC Approved HASP, Traffic Control Plan and Dust Control Plan