Remediation–Urban Site Limited Access: LAUSD Central Region Elementary School #13 Site Remediation

Highly volatile aromatic hydrocarbons, next to a school facility in Los Angeles that was occupied throughout the project required very aggressive odor control, a complicated shoring and support system, and constant engineering modifications to address site conditions that changed almost daily.

Client: Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)

Regulatory Oversight: DTSC

Project Duration:  6 months

  • 12,000 CY of Excavation and T&D of Soils Contaminated with Benzene, PCE, TCE, TPH, and Vinyl Chloride
  • Excavation to a Depth of 45 Feet with Extensive Shoring System to Facilitate Soil Removal Adjacent to Buildings and Operating Businesses
  • Confirmation Sampling and Installation of Vapor Barrier System
  • Backfilled Site with Select Fill and Compacted to Specification Standards
  • Preparation of DTSC Approved HASP, Traffic Control Plan and Dust Control Plan