Difficult & Unconventional: Urban Environment/Emerystation Greenway Building, Phase III Project

In a very confined urban setting, Pacific States completed a series of different project elements, not usually found in a constricted location; earth stabilization, high-volume twenty four hour groundwater collection and treatment, and excavation and removal of RCRA-hazardous waste.  These tasks were all completed while both residential and commercial operations were in extremely close proximity, and under the direction of multiple agencies.

Client: DPR Construction, Inc.

Location: Emeryville, CA

Project Duration: 15 months

  • Demolition of former building slab and foundation
  • Excavation of soft sediments, on-site stabilization
  • 20,000 CY of Class II, Cal-Haz, and RCRA-Haz Soil Excavation and T&D
  • 24-Hour Operation and Maintenance of Groundwater Treatment System Discharging under NPDES Permit
  • Preparation of Site Specific HASP, Work Plan, Traffic Control Plan, and Dust Control Plan