Difficult & Unconventional Working Environments: Steep Slope Hazardous Waste Removal

Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc. unconventional-steepslope-hazardous850px

PSEC performed a difficult illegal hazardous waste dump cleanup on the side of a canyon in the northern Sierra mountains that was identified by the State as risky due to not only geographical constraints of the steep slope but by environmental hazards such as daytime temperatures, biologic hazard such as toxic plants and insects, and by the unknown nature of the wastes.

We employed rappelling techniques to HAZCAT the waste, and then built a zipline to safely transport the material out of the canyon, some 500 feet downslope.

Client: State of California

Location: Northern California

Project Duration: One Week

  • Illegal Dumpsite in remote canyon
  • Required Three stages: HazCat/Waste Identification; Preparation; Removal
  • Retrieval included zip lines and winches mounted on specialty vehicles and tow trucks
  • Required Rappelling from upslope roadway to access material
  • Biohazard accommodation and mitigation