Difficult & Unconventional Environments: Shoring & Dewatering/Facebook Campus Addition, Menlo Park, CA

While constructing additional space for the Facebook Campus, PSEC designed and operated a high-volume groundwater management and treatment system, capable of handling 30,000 GPM of water intruding from San Francisco Bay. Treating the material before discharge for a variety of constituents including trace pcb’s, the project was complicated by the necessity for a complex and easily modified shoring system. PSEC completed both elements of this process concurrently, meeting a very aggressive construction schedule, and continually changing site conditions.

Client: Facebook, Inc.

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Regulatory Oversight: DTSC, RWQCB

Project Duration:  9 months

  • Installed and designed intricate shoring system to accommodate unstable soil
  • Designed, installed and operated groundwater management and treatment system
  • Fast-track schedule and just-in-time delivery to meet changing architecture
  • Assisted in regulatory approval process and submittals