Remediation: Santana Row

Client:  DeSilva Gates Construction

Location: San Jose, CA

  • Basement excavation for mixed use retail & residential building in the heart of Santana Row located in downtown San Jose, CA.
  • Shoring method was beams and lagging.
  • Excavation depth ranged from 27 – 30 feet.
  • Excavated & stockpiled 14,000 CY’s of impacted soil. Impacted soil was flip flopped with scrapers to access the clean soil during the excavation.
  • Removed 40,000 CY’s of clean reusable soil.
  • Performed value engineering by excavating basement deeper than planned grades to accommodate/bury the contaminated soil. The contaminated soil was then encapsulated by a 1 ft. layer of clean soil. This method allowed the impacted soil to remain onsite and not offhauled to a landfill, as a result this saved the client millions of dollars in soil testing, disposal, and fees.