Remediation & Reclamation: Landfill Closure and Dam Modification

During the remediation of a former saw mill and paper plant, PSEC completed the characterization and accompanying earthworks involved in the remediation of the site, and prepared for review and submittal the Landfill Clean Closure reports. This project took place on a site adjacent to and including the river bank, and included all of the precautions and measures necessary for working in that dynamic environment.

Client:  Balfour Beatty

Location: Red Bluff, CA

Project Duration:  28 months

  • Replacement of Red Bluff Fish Screen
  • Cleanup of Contaminated Soil from Former Saw Mill and Paper Manufacturer
  • Excavation, Segregation, Characterization, and Disposal of 210,000 CY of Soil and Debris
  • Preparation of HASP, Traffic Control Plan and Dust Control Plan
  • Preparation of Partial Landfill Clean Closure Reports