Urban Site Management: Niles Union Pacific Site Phase II Remediation Project

In a very limited access site next to an established neighborhood, PSEC remediated a hydrocarbon and metals contaminated site, while accommodating the existing encroachment and use as a parking lot. Over an almost two year period, the excavation of over 28,000 tons of material was accomplished in a “hopscotch” pattern, allowing the site to continue to operate.

Client: City of Fremont

Regulatory Oversight: DTSC

Project Duration: 20 months

  • Demo of Existing Rail Road Tracks, Concrete Foundations, and Asphalt Pads
  • Excavation and T&D of 28,000 tons of soils impacted with Metals and TPH
  • Placement and Compaction of 28,000 tons of Clean Import Soil
  • Installation of 40,000 SF Temporary Parking Lot
  • Preparation of DTSC Approved HASP, Traffic Control Plan and Dust Control Plan