Post-Disaster Response Services: Glenview Fire Incident


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State Abandoned & Sunken Vessel Program

<<Fire Services: Glenview Incident

Immediate mobilization in response to gas line rupture and subsequent explosion that destroyed 35 residences and 70 vehicles.

Client: CalRecycle

Regulatory Agency: The State of California, BAAQMD, City of San Bruno, DTSC

Project Duration: 2 months

  • Remediation and Disposal of Suspected Asbestos Containing Ash
  • Demolition of Remaining Structures, including Foundations, Driveways, and Masonry Chimneys
  • Removal of Remaining Landscaping and the Upper 2-3 Inches of Soil
  • Confirmation Sampling following demolition and soil removal activities
  • All work performed under Cal Recycle in consultation of SMCHD, Cal EPA, USEPA, DTSC, BAAQMD, and City of San Bruno
  • Project completed under high level of Media Scrutiny and with sensitivity to the needs of the homeowners
  • PSEC Performance resulted in a Letter of Commendation from San Mateo County Department of Environmental Health