Long-term Site Management & Urban Infill: As-Agent Contracting Service, Chevron Evaporation Ponds Closure


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Long-term Site Management and Urban Infill: As Agent Contracting Service/Chevron Evaporation Ponds Closure

<<Long-term Site Management: Conception to Completion/Dumbarton Quarry Mine Closure 2020

Reclamation of a 91 acre mine in Fremont, California, for the final owners, the East Bay Regional Parks District (EBRPD). This project, in which PSEC functions under an As-Agent contract vehicle, makes PSEC wholly responsible for adhering to the QA/QC of the closure process, removing the EBRPD from the burdens of daily oversight on this ten year project. A design-build project, it utilized our Concept to Completion partnering model.

Client: Owner/Parcel owned by DGC

Regulatory Oversight: The City of Fremont and the RWQCB

Project Duration: Complete Closure and Repurposing of former quarry/mine scheduled for completion by 2020

  • Design, Permitting, Plan Approval and Site Operations all performed by PSEC
  • Importation of Six Million Yards of clean fill
  • Placement and grading of same
  • Restoration Plan includes deeding the mine to the East Bay Regional Parks System upon completion
  • Repurposed into a Regional Recreation Destination with camping facilities, outdoor recreation and park