Long-term Site Management & Urban Infill: As-Agent Contracting Service, Chevron Evaporation Ponds Closure

Discussions on cost-saving alternatives at the Chevron Evaporation Ponds, led to an arrangement wherein PSEC would act As-Agent for Chevron during the lengthy closure and clean fill import process at these ponds associated with the manufacture of chemical fertilizers. PSEC was responsible for the QA/QC of all test data on incoming fill, and management and coordination of the project to successful completion.

Client: Chevron Corporation

Regulatory Oversight: DTSC, City of Richmond

Project Duration: 14 months

  • PSEC located, tested and imported over 268,000 cubic yards of clean material to infill the first dry pond
  • QA/QC of all test data to ensure adherence to import specifications
  • Engineered the disposal of the Dilute Fertilizer Solution
  • PSEC managed over 4,640,000 gallons of the DFS saving the client several million dollars

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