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Pacific States Environmental Contractors, Inc., is one of the largest environmental contracting companies in the western United States. Since 1996, Pacific States has provided a full spectrum of environmental products and services to our clients in the public and private sectors. We have the resources, financial strength, and problem solving abilities to meet our clients’ needs on time and within budget.

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Pacific States technical remediation staff is well versed in proven remediation technology and best practices. We apply standard methodologies and innovative approaches to the unique remedial aspects of a client’s site. Site remediation services include: soil and groundwater treatment, bioremediation, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil and sludge, soil aeration, soil vapor extraction, soil and sludge treatment / stabilization / solidification, soil and water in-situ treatment systems, wetland mitigation, sediment treatment, landfill closures, capping and containment, and treatment of contaminated groundwater generated during shoring operations and water management.

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Remediation: Block 5 Tower

Remediation: Novartis Seismic Retrofit

Remediation: Tracy Defense Depot

Remediation:  Hanover Waverly

Remediation:  Hanover Uptown

Remediation:  Florida Avenue

Remediation:  Santana Row

Remediation & Reclamation: Landfill Closure and Dam Modification

Remediation: Systems Install and Operations, Storm Water Management

Remediation: Urban Site Management City of Emeryville

Remediation: Urban Infill Ashland Youth Center

Remediation: Urban Site/Limited Access LAUSD Elementary School #13

Remediation & Reclamation: Urban Site Mitigation

Remediation: Urban Site Management Niles Union Pacific

Mine Reclamation


US Fish & Wildlife San Francisco Bay

Our in-depth knowledge of cost and schedule components, and their impacts during the design process of complicated projects, is critical to assuring on time and on budget completion. Our Resource Management skills often come into play early on in the process. The subsequent Systems Operations and their design and intent can add value and cost savings to any project in which material management and movement are key. In certain cases, Pacific States will undertake risk-limiting projects using our “As-Agent” model, and even ensure the total project cost by undertaking fixed price, guaranteed design build projects. Often, when remediation tasks are completed on an impacted site, there still exists the need for standard earthwork tasks; that is when our unsurpassed knowledge of the soil and fill markets can create opportunity for the client and stakeholders both.

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Long-term Site Management and Urban Infill: As Agent Contracting Service Chevron Evaporation Ponds Closure

Long-term Site Management—Concept to Completion/As Agent Contracting Service Dumbarton Quarry Mine Closure


Difficult Working Conditions: Baylands

Pacific States has the strongest track record for working in problematic or unusual site conditions. Shorelines and marshes, unstable soils, steep slopes, and urban environments where access is all but impossible, are all areas in which we lay claim to the most experience in the industry today. We have often been called in behind other contractors who were unable to perform due to extraordinary site conditions; a very difficult work location is a challenge we can meet. Pacific States uses in-house talent to team and subcontract with specialty firms to design, permit and implement a full range of remedial options for contaminated sites and infill redevelopment.

Through the shared resources of the DeSilva Companies, we will take on any size mass-grading project, performing tasks such as clearing, precision and mass/structural excavation, finish grading and paving with seamless integration. This synergy, unmatched anywhere, lets us tackle landfill projects, dams, grading and site conditioning earthworks that often have more conventional elements, not wholly involved with contaminated site conditions. The projects that have large elements of material handling and placement are often managed by working in tandem with our in-house teams to bring a comprehensive solution at an aggressive budget.

Urban Environment/Emerystation Greenway Building, Phase III Project

Urban Limited Access: Shoring & Dewatering/Facebook campus

Steep Slope & Difficult Terrain: Hazardous Waste Removal

Urban Infill, Limited Access: The Town School Parking Structure

Unstable Soils & Limited Access: 350 Mission

Unconventional Working Environments—Wetlands, Marshes, & Shorelines: NASA Ames / Moffett Field Wetlands 



Levees, dams, landfills, canals and water conveyance systems, bulwarks and slurry walls are just a few of the Environmental Infrastructure projects that we are capable of constructing. From the mass grading required in restoring a watershed, down to the maintenance of small drainage ditches, Pacific States has the ability to build any project, of almost any size. When you couple that experience with our successful wetlands and marshland restoration projects, our shore-side and riverine capabilities, there is no better contractor for completing those complicated projects.

NASA Ames Wetlands Restoration

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Baylands Recovery Project


Post-Disaster Services: Glenview Fire

Pacific States provides both private and public entities Post-disaster Emergency Response services that allow the safest, most effective and comprehensive support after a natural disaster or catastrophic event.  From emergency earthworks repairs of dams, levees and bulwarks, to large scale cleanups after an event like a fire or flood, PSEC has the ability to mobilize quickly and with the complete array of support necessary.  We can help limit the costs of mitigation by hazardous waste segregation and debris characterization, and the rapid restoration of protective earthworks systems and other infrastructure.  Additionally, PSEC has  extensive marine and shoreside capabilities allowing us to aggressively respond to sunken and abandoned vessels, and provide a broad range of specialty demolition services.

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Sunken & Abandoned Vessels

Post-Fire Services, Glenview



The wide range of infill sites operated by PSEC, along with our ability to take soils for disposal that are difficult to dispose of at landfills requiring engineered fill, make our Materials Recovery and Recycling abilities unique in Northern California. We have the ability to manage spoils and fill that otherwise would require special treatment prior to acceptance elsewhere, and deposit directly into our sites.

We have many examples where substantial cost savings can be realized by our “As-Agent” Management model allows us to not only reduce the expense, but reduce the difficulties encountered in managing long term and unusual material disposal needs.

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Dumbarton Quarry

Chevron Richmond

Pacific States Environmental Contractors has successfully completed numerous heavy civil construction projects focused upon infrastructure, development and design-build formats. We are well positioned for this type of work due to our affiliate organizations, our financial strength, and our desire to create value and sustainable returns for ourselves and for our Project Partners. We are uniquely positioned to pursue projects that are longer-term, require diverse partnerships, and demand creative and reasoned solutions. Completing technically demanding projects is not the Exception at Pacific States, but is the Rule.

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Dumbarton Quarry Development Project

La Vista Quarry Development Project

Leona Quarry / Monte Vista Residential Development


Other Development Projects

Kraft Tile Development Project
Niles, CA: secured private-public financing, complete environmental remediation of hazardous waste, structural demolition, processed entitlements, rezoning, permitting and development of 82 residential units. Project Value $45 Mil

Cherry City Development Project
San Leandro, CA: acquired 18 separate parcels, relocated 26 tenants, master plan development and approval, processed entitlements, rezoning, planning, CEQA processing, permitting and development of 354 residential units. Project Value $175 Mil

Scott Creek Highlands Development Project
Fremont, CA: 300 acre residential development of 112 large lot single family homes in a gated community. Master plan development and approval, processed entitlements, rezoning, planning, CEQA processing, permitting and development. Project Value $95 Mil

Poppy Ridge Golf Course
Livermore, CA: 27 Hole championship golf course on 283 acres. The course is now owned and operated by the NCGA. Acquired land, prepared master plan in conjunction with Reese Jones, managed the entitlement process, CEQA processing, negotiated all agreements with regulatory agencies including Army Corps, US Fish and Wildlife Service and California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Project Value $25 Mil