EMWD’s Iron & Manganese Removal & Backwash Tanks’ 1 Year Inspection Pass the Test

insidetank-webTwo 160,000 gallon Aquastore tanks are used for backwash and recycled water storage at the iron (Fe) and manganese (Mn) removal treatment facilities.  A 1 year anniversary inspection was performed for the tanks; sealant, CP, coating, roofs, and ladders were inspected.  Both tanks look beautiful with the tan exterior.  The interior of the backwash tank looks amazing in spite of the daily abuse from the iron and manganese. The glass coating prevents Fe and Mn composite fouling.  The hard, inorganic, mechanical and chemical bond between the coating and the steel creates an impermeable surface which shields corrosion.  The smooth, anti-stick, glossiness of the glass coating make cleaning the fouling off effortless.  The inert surface of the glass prevents bacteria growth and the potential of biofouling and microbiologically influenced corrosion.