About PSEC

Financial Strength

servicesRemaining a financially robust entity since 1938, and having weathered the myriad economic down-turns and financial environments that have proven the undoing of other contracting companies, the De Silva Companies and PSEC have not only survived these challenges, but have grown at rate that surpasses the industry average. We have accomplished this through a considered approach of diversification, cautious investment, and aggressive management of our companies, assets, and cash flow. The efficiencies realized because of our proprietary TAGUS information management system, designed specifically by us for our exacting needs, give us a management tool that is not only the finest in the industry, but is unavailable to our competitors. TAGUS’s real-time information management capabilities, tailored not only to our general operations, but often modified to meet the demands of a specific project, ensures that we can maximize our efficiencies and our return. Our ability to incorporate the financial certainty of performance into the overall project package adds a depth of surety not enjoyed by our competitors. This is reflected in our bond rates, our cost-of-money, and in the size and complexity of projects we can perform.


Pacific States Environmental Contractors and our affiliate Companies enjoy a reputation for having the very highest caliber people in our employ, who have experience in the broadest range of projects imaginable. Our Team is not only able to bring this expertise to bear on any project that we undertake, but more importantly, we encourage our clients to avail themselves of that expertise during the design and budgetary phases of the project. Our “Project Partnering” model ensures that we establish the safest, most efficient Scope of Work well in advance of implementation, and that your Project Work Plan is thoroughly vetted by your Team, reviewed by all stakeholders, and approved by the appropriate regulatory and permitting entities. This process ranges in complexity from a simple, one-day process that incorporates all of the preparatory steps, to the more involved elements required to implement an “As-Agent” project. In either case you can be assured that the experience and expertise of our personnel will be brought to bear in their entirety.

Material Resources


One of the greatest advantages we have as a consortium of companies performing very diverse projects, is the variety of equipment in our inventory. Most heavy construction companies have an inventory reflecting only their core project type, and then maintain an in-house inventory of equipment that requires utilization rates in excess of 80%. PSEC and our affiliated companies have access to, and unrestricted use of, the widest variety of heavy and light construction and mining machinery in the state. Specialty equipment ranging from marine and shore-side gear (specialty earth movers, work boats, low ground pressure equipment) to mining, groundwater treatment and paving equipment (crushers, conveyors and large quarrying trucks and excavators) allows us to access an inventory our competitors cannot. Additionally, the newness of this fleet, combined with the sheer size of the inventory (our DD Transportation truck fleet is one of the largest on the west coast) allows for cost effective dispatching and immediate support on any job.